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Kilgore- Gilmer Eye Care Centers in Kilgore & Gilmer, Texas


Eye Exams in Kilgore & Gilmer, Texas

Kilgore Eye Care Center, based in Kilgore & Gilmer, Texas, specializes in comprehensive eye exams. When it's time to see the eye doctor, contact us to schedule an appointment. Our services include:

Eye Exams

You can expect a complete, comprehensive exam, including diagnosis and treatment of eye disease and injury. We offer the latest in contact lens services including hard to fit or specialty lenses and co-manage in laser and cataract surgery.

Cutting Edge Technology
In keeping up with the latest technological advances and in striving to deliver better patient care, we are very excited to offer the new Konan Specular Microscope. This device is very helpful in determining the overall health of the cornea

Eyeglass Frames

Our frame selection is one of the largest in East Texas, which allows for frame styling to compliment your lifestyle. Choose from your favorite brands, including:
  • Tom Ford
  • Flexon®
  • State (Made In America)
  • Lightec®
  • Koali®
  • Michael Kors®
  • Maui Jim®
  • Oakley®
  • Brilliant Eyes
EyeGlass Guide — Kilgore-Gilmer Eye Care Centers, Kilgore TX
Optical Evaluation — Kilgore-Gilmer Eye Care Centers, Kilgore TX
EyeGlass Frames — Kilgore-Gilmer Eye Care Centers, Kilgore TX

Optical Evaluation

We use the Marco® 3-D Wave to evaluate the entire optical system from front to back by measuring wavefront aberrations, corneal topography, auto-refraction, keratometry, and pupilometry all with one instrument.

Glaucoma Evaluation

To help us better diagnosis, treat, and manage our glaucoma patients, we use Stratus OCT, GDX nerve fiber analyzer, Humphrey Visual Field, Blood Flow Analyzer, and Pachymetry. We also offer OPTOS photos for internal eye evaluation so you can see what the doctor sees.

Macular Degeneration

To help us better manage our macular degeneration patients, we are using the Foresee PHP device. The Foresee PHP offers a quick, painless test and provides information that is used to monitor patients with dry macular degeneration. This device is very helpful in assisting our doctors with catching this disease right upon conversion to the rapidly progressing, vision threatening wet form of the disease, before irreversible vision loss occurs
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